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Audrey Helps Actors Podcast

Jul 4, 2017

This week Audrey Moore talks to Britney Young who plays Carmen on the Netflix show GLOW. They discuss Britney's unique career path from graduating college to landing her first series regular role, and they go over what you should be prepared for when you land YOUR first big leading role.


You can find Britney on Twitter @itsbritneyyoung and on Instagram @britneyyoung


Mildly Interesting:


Audrey’s Mildly Interesting this week is Gly Oxide for canker sores.


Britney's Mildly Interesting this week is the book "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline.




Host: Audrey Moore

Produced and edited by Jesse Lumen

This episode's show music by Ari de Niro

Special thanks to Thomas Snodgrass for assistance with microphones, Aalok Mehta and 108 Hill for help with the theme song.

Other music provided by Audio 4 VideoAR Sound, and SFX and GFX.