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Audrey Helps Actors Podcast

Mar 20, 2020

This week Audrey Moore talks with Miata Edoga about what actors and other freelancers need to be doing to prepare, support, and maintain themselves and others financially during this pandemic.

Mar 16, 2020

During this global pandemic, we're pausing regular episodes for a week, but if you need something to distract yourself and a way to help your career while you're stuck inside, we have #MarketResearchMarch for you!

Mar 9, 2020

This week Audrey Moore talks with Hayley O'Connor about winning the #SelfTapeMay challenge last year, and what she learned along the way. They discuss making sure your kit is up to par, that you have the time, energy and money to keep up with the amount of auditions you want, and how to watch yourself...

Mar 2, 2020

This week Audrey Moore talks with Charley Flyte about leveling up, finding a supportive community, and the current landscape of Native Americans and indigenous representation in show business.


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