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Audrey Helps Actors Podcast

Apr 4, 2022

This week Audrey Moore talks with actor/musician/cult survivor Lola Blanc. It turns out the entertainment industry has a lot of culty pockets, and they discuss the red flags to look out for.
Jeff Pride - Self Tape Here -
Greg Safel - Voice Lessons and Singing Lessons -
Carla Zuniga Hair -
Host: Audrey Moore 
Produced and Edited by Jesse Lumen
Mixed by Thomas Snodgrass
Show music by Ari de Niro
Special thanks to Thomas Snodgrass for assistance with microphones, Aalok Mehta and 108 Hill for help with the theme song.

Other music and sound fx provided by Audio 4 VideoAR SoundSound Effects Public DomainRoss Bugden and SFX and GFX.