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Audrey Helps Actors Podcast

May 15, 2017

This week Audrey speaks to Rachelle McGuire and Karrie K.

Rachelle is an actress turned grief therapist.  Watch her award winning TED-like talk on grief and the grief process here:


Karrie K is an actress/musician that decided to pursue a teaching career. Now a full time teacher, Karrie still auditions and finds time to rock out and interview various bands for her show


Mildly Interesting:

Audrey's Mildly Interesting this week is the film Sing Street, and the practice of Praying (or Intending) for others.

Rachelle's Mildly Interesting is the TV show Chopped.

Karrie's Mildly Interesting is a quote from Cicero.



Host: Audrey Moore

Produced and edited by Jesse Lumen

This episode's show music by Ari de Niro

Special thanks to Thomas Snodgrass for assistance with microphones, Aalok Mehta and 108 Hill for help with the theme song.