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Audrey Helps Actors Podcast

094 - Casting Director Tell-All - Erica S. Bream

Mar 27, 2023

This week Audrey Moore chats with casting director Erica Bream about how the business has changed since she was casting Criminal Minds, and they get deep into the self tape discussions, debates, and wars going on right now!


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Mar 20, 2023

This week Audrey Moore talks with actor/badass crafter/2007-striker Elizabeth Ho. They discuss why there may be one or more strikes this year, what that means for you, what they learned from the last strike, and how they are going to prepare for this one.
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Mar 13, 2023

Welcome back to the SEASON 8 PREMIERE! This week Audrey Moore talks with actor/writer/teacher Michael Kostroff. They discuss normalizing the space between the jobs, managing the ups and downs, how to enjoy auditions, and how to feed your artist soul.
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Jun 13, 2022

It's the Season Seven finale! This week Audrey Moore invites actress Christina Colgan back to talk about finishing 16 tapes EVERY SINGLE MONTH for over a year! They discuss the pursuit of mastery, work/life balance, and how important it is to continue having fun with this career. 

Jun 6, 2022

This week Audrey Moore talks with actor/writer/disability rights and inclusion activist Nicole Lynn Evans. They discuss how to build a career over time, how to get more comfortable with yourself as a person and as an actor, and Nicole's experience in the industry as a wheelcair user with osteogenesis imprefecta.